GlobAlliances Finance S.A. is a fully independent Asset Management Company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our mission is to provide customized packages of integrated, objective and transparent solutions that fulfill our clients’ unique and complex wealth management needs.



Switzerland is centrally located in Europe and has been characterized by an unparalleled social, economic, legal and political stability. Switzerland is one of the world’s leading global financial center. The Swiss financial center stands universally for tradition, security, outstanding quality, investment diversification and multi-currency portfolios. It is also further distinguished by its wide range of financial products, private banking culture and strict privacy legislation.

Its long tradition in high quality personalized services and in the use of state-of-the-art technology has been a key factor in attracting foreign clients. Besides that, all top global financial products and services providers have an important presence here.

The Swiss high-standard protection of investors is rooted in its civil code and has been reinforced by supervisory mechanisms, explicit regulations and effective control system.

The more dynamic and volatile environment, with the upsurge in globalization, information technology, market complexity and financial products, has transformed the simplest financial decision into a very difficult exercise. At the same time, the telecommunications, the computers and the internet revolution have permitted the financial institutions to partially transfer the much-needed financial advisory services back to clients.

Being fully in charge of your financial life and having numerous choices may be appealing at first sight, but it really means transferring to you a time-consuming and high-tech decision process that you are not prepared for. Thus, hiring an independent asset management company is an effective strategic decision. A specialized and independent asset management company has the necessary objectivity, knowledge, network, scope and skills to structure, negotiate and implement a better deal on your behalf.

A new body of knowledge and research in the field of finance, called Behavioural Finance, has questioned some old paradigms by affirming that markets are not perfect and investors are not rational. It also says that investors make the same mistakes repeatedly because human beings rely on rules of thumb to process data and because the description of a problem, and not only the substance, influences their decisions,

The best protection for an investor against the psychological financial market traps is awareness, education, formal thinking and a well-prepared professional to help you with your investment decision process.

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